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How to download private video from Facebook?

To download private videos from Facebook, you need to follow these three easy steps. See their description below.

Method 1:
Using an Android

  1. 1
    Open Chrome or Samsung Internet on your phone or tablet. You can use Google Chrome to view the source code of a website on your Android.
  2. 2
    Go to the video link you want to download. Wait for the site to load fully before you continue.
  3. 3
    Add view-source:to the beginning of the URL. To do this, just move the cursor to the beginning of the URL (before the https://) and type view-source:.
    • For example, if you were going to view the source of private video link, the URL would look like this: view-source:
  4. 5
    Tap the search, enter, or go key to go to the site. This refreshes the site and displays only its source code.
  5. 6
    Tap and hold any word in the source code. This highlights that word and surrounds it by bounding handles.
  6. 7
    Drag the bounding handles to select all of the source code. To do this, drag the leftmost bounding handle all the way to the beginning of the page, and the rightmost handle all the way to the end. A small toolbar will appear once you're finished.
  7. 8
    Tap Copy on the toolbar. Now that you've copied the source code.
    To paste the code into a file or app
    • To paste the code into, tap and hold the typing area and select Paste.
  • Using an window or MacOS Access facebook by computer. Find the video to download, click on the time of posting
    Download video facebook private
  • Press Ctrl+U (Windows) or -Option-U (Mac). to view page source
    There do right click on any section of the page, then click on the option "View page source"
    Download video facebook private 2
  • Highlight all text by pressing Ctrl + A (Windows) or + A (Mac), then right click and choose Copy
    Download video facebook private 3
  • Go to and paste the copied source code into the input box.
  • Select the video's quality that you want to download
  • Download Facebook videos to your device.