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1.Copy link

Select video and copy link on facebook app or website facebook.com

2.Paste video link

Paste the video link into the input box and press the 'Start' button

3.Download video

Select the type of video you want to download, SD, HD, FullHD(1080)

choose video and copy link
paste link and start
Download video


1. Paste the URL of the website into the input field and click 'Start' to start the process.

2. Select the video or audio to download

3. Click 'Download' button to download video


• Download video file MP4 facebook

• Download video facebook using your browser only. No other tools needed

• Download video facebook with Full HD quality

• Support downloading video and audio

What is fbdownloader.online ?

fbdownloader.online is a tool that allows you to download facebook videos hd, full hd for free, and simply paste the video link and press the 'Start' button

Processing will take a few seconds. After processing is complete you will see a list of videos to download

You can choose to download videos with SD, HD,or FullHD quantity Press the 'Download' button to download the video of your choice.

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Is it free?

Yes, fbdownloader.online is completely freeto use!

How can I download videos?

After processing, you will see a valid video list from the link you provided. Then you can

Select the 'Download' button

It does not work. Why?

There are several reasons why the video you are looking for cannot be found:

  • The video you need to download is private, deleted or restricted to certain countries
  • Your download link is not a Facebook video link.

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